Team Approach

Features a team of law-school admissions experts on your side throughout the entire process.

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How the Team Concept Works

Your Stratus team consists of 4 members:

Every one of our counselors and senior strategists is a graduate of a top-14 law school. Collectively our team has experience in a diverse range of legal practices and industries to set you on a path to achieve your career goals.


Your Primary Counselor is matched with you based on your profile and goals. He or she provides you with expert guidance throughout the entire law school admissions process, working side-by-side with you on pre-application, application and post-application stages. Together, you will find the school that best fits your experience and values.


Your Senior Strategist steps in to provide ‘blind’ feedback on your essays during secondary review. Our goal is to mimic an admissions committee member’s experience of evaluating your resume, personal statement, and diversity statement (as applicable) in order to ensure your essays will connect with readers. Your Senior Strategist will review your essays when they are near their final form and provide written feedback on what kind of impression you’ve made. You and your Primary Counselor will use this feedback to perfect your essays.


Your Qualified Proofreader is a professional who edits your resume and essays. When your Primary Counselor feels that each essay is ready to submit, they will send it to the proofreader. The proofreader will do a final read for grammatical errors and typos. The Qualified Proofreader ensures you have a polished final product by deadline and can press “submit” with confidence.


Your Client Relationship Manager is your personal touchpoint throughout the process. Any questions you have along the way about the process or your service can be taken care of by your Client Relationship Manager. We know how difficult the application process can be, which is why we’ve devoted an entire team member to simply ensuring all of your logistic and service needs are met.