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Stratus Admissions Counseling offered me wonderful guidance and preparation as I went through the strenuous and tedious law school applications. My counselor, Helen Pfitzner, was absolutely wonderful. She was kind, patient, and very informative throughout the entire process. I really felt as though she thoroughly wanted me to succeed and went above and beyond the requirements to ensure that I was confident in the pieces of my application.

Stratus Admissions and Helen definitely succeeded in helping me navigate the very confusing and stressful application process. I am very grateful to them and extremely satisfied with the quality of work, the genuine effort, and the high level of engagement that they offered me. I was ultimately accepted to my dream law schools and the only problem that I had was choosing which one to attend.

I had a phenomenal experience with Stratus! I worked with Michelle Hall on my personal statement and optional essays for my law school applications. Michelle took the time not only to deliver thoughtful feedback in the form of questions and edits on the actual document but we spoke several times over the phone. Through that, she could get to me know better and ultimately help me write a statement that truly demonstrated what I had to contribute to a law school committee. She was very responsive and timely. I would highly recommend her, and Stratus, to anyone!

Working with Stratus Admissions was an incredibly rewarding experience. I worked with Stratus during the 2015 JD admission application cycle. I applied to 13 schools, and in the end gained admission to a top-three law school. Prior to contacting Stratus, I had already taken my first LSAT in June 2014, but had concerns about my score and the architecture of my full application.

Starting from August 2014 to September 2014 I received LSAT tutoring from Dan, and my practice scores and confidence increased significantly. I found Dan’s teaching methods to be thorough and adaptive, and he helped me implement multiple non-obvious techniques that are difficult to obtain through independent study alone.

After my second LSAT I worked primarily with Michelle on my essays and application structure. I cannot say enough about Michelle’s professionalism and remarkable talent. Of course, all applicants present their own compelling story/life in their applications, but having highly-qualified outsider perspective is invaluable. Furthermore, Michelle is proactive, adept, and genuine. Her feedback was without exception timely, effective, and instrumental to improving my application. She continued to answer my questions and discuss other aspects such as letters of continuing interest throughout the winter and spring.

Overall, I strongly recommend Stratus to aspiring JD applicants, especially those who are seeking insight or inspiration.

Seeking advice from Michelle Hall and the team at Stratus was one of the best decisions I could have made. Every law school applicant can gather information from friends, mentors, and online research. But if you want someone dedicated to understanding your unique portfolio, and the potential you bring to a strong law school application, then you need someone like Michelle to guide you. My application had certain strengths I did not realize, so having Michelle, an experienced, kind, and dedicated counselor, to help me spotlight and feature those strengths was crucial. At the same time, the application process is not always simple, as there are checkpoints throughout where an applicant can do more/less to enhance their chances. With Michelle to guide me, I felt comfortable with my decisions, and knew I had done my best to get into my dream school. That peace of mind is invaluable, and in the end, I was indeed admitted to a Tier 1 top 3 school. That would not have been possible without Stratus, and I couldn’t recommend Michelle and her team more.

As a JD/MBA candidate, I worked with Stratus for both law and business school admissions. Both of my admissions counselors were extremely professional and responsive, and strictly adhered to timelines during the essay drafting process (hugely important considering a small set-back in the process can easily cascade and levy undue pressure on application deadlines).

Top business and law schools look for the “whole package” in terms of the students they admit. I found working with two counselors—one for law and one for business school—to be paramount in helping me put my best self forward to each school. Not only did my counselors both push me to think harder and more deeply on an introspective level—allowing me to recall compelling stories and situations to weave into my essays—they also challenged me on the structure and flow of the essays, ultimately driving me to craft stories that truly resonated with the reader. I found these two aspects—introspection and critical peer review—to be the greatest value-add from Stratus and well worth the investment.

Further, as I was specifically targeting JD/MBA programs, working with both law and business school admissions counselors was extremely beneficial. While each school looks for the “whole package,” they look for different things in different places. Status’ expertise in both areas helped me navigate the nuances effectively, which ultimately allowed me to highlight the right things about my application and put my best self forward to each school, and ultimately afforded me the opportunity to enroll in the JD/MBA program at Kellogg / Northwester Law. If you are seriously considering a JD/MBA program at any of the top business and law schools, I recommend that you likewise give serious consideration to working with Stratus.