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5 Tips to Nail Your Law School Application Timing

This was originally published as an expert guest post on the Manhattan Prep Blog Here are some actions to consider when deciding on your law school application timing. 1. Consider an Early Decision Application Many law schools begin accepting applications as early as September 1. Submitting your application early signals that you are enthusiastic about… View Article

4 Admissions Steps for Aspiring Environmental Lawyers

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has spurred discussion about climate change’s role in exacerbating storms and what, if anything, lawmakers can do to stop global warming. But there’s a lot more to the practice of environmental law than climate change. Land use, environmental justice, even food and water laws are all encompassed within this broad,… View Article

Choosing the Right School for Entertainment Law

In Hollywood, it’s often said that success is based on “who you know.” When it comes to ranking the top schools for entertainment law, the industry applies the same standard. A recent Hollywood Reporter article ranked “Hollywood’s Top Law Schools,” based on the number of alums on their industry’s Power Lawyers List. While it may be… View Article

Want to Influence Public Policy? 5 Law School Admissions Tips To Make It Happen

If you are interested in attending law school because you hope to shape or influence public policy, there are many options for you. According to this US News article, a law degree is a terrific pathway to government work. Start with the substance – always. “Policy” can be a broad term, so begin by identifying… View Article

LSAT or GRE? 4 Considerations for Law School Applicants

This was originally published as an expert guest post on the Manhattan Prep Blog GPAs, GREs, LSATs, oh my! There is now a new factor adding to the complexity of all the moving parts of law school applications—the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), traditionally used by many graduate programs outside of law school. In March, Harvard Law School announced… View Article

Top 3 Clichés to Avoid in Your Law School Personal Statement

This was originally published as an expert guest post on TippingtheScales  You’ve taken the LSAT (and hopefully scored well), built a strong academic record in college and pursued internships that prepared you for a career in the law. You are now ready to apply to law school. Bear in mind that law school Admissions Committees… View Article

Law School Admissions Tips: 5 Secrets for an Awesome Diversity Statement

Get a head start on your essays now, especially if you do not like writing! The law school Diversity Statement is typically an optional essay, a companion to your required “Personal Statement.” The Diversity Statement provides law schools details about you: your personal experiences, your unique voice, and how you will add a diverse perspective… View Article

Now that You’re a 1L… 4 Tips for Engaging with Career Services in Law School

Congratulations; you made it to law school! Your hard work as an undergraduate, studying for the LSAT and preparing law school applications has paid off. As you embark upon what will hopefully be a fulfilling journey, consider that you have two jobs while in your first year of law school. Your first responsibility this year,… View Article

Look Beyond the Stats: Law School Selection Tips & Choosing Where to Apply

With just over 200 accredited law schools in the US, “Where should I apply?” can be a difficult question to answer. Aside from the standard advice of applying to the highest ranked schools you will most likely be accepted to given your LSAT and GPA, you should consider a number of additional factors when compiling… View Article