Brad Maurer

Law School Admissions Counselor

J.D., New York University School of Law

M.A., Johns Hopkins University

B.S., Lafayette College

Academic Background

Brad Maurer graduated from New York University School of Law, where he was a member of the Federal Defender clinic and a student article development editor for the NYU Review of Law & Social Change. Brad received a Master of Arts degree in science writing from Johns Hopkins University, where he wrote his thesis on the intersection of neuroscience and the criminal justice system. Brad graduated cum laude from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience and a minor in spanish. While at Lafayette, Brad started at quarterback for the football team for three years, leading the Leopards to the first three playoff appearances in school history.

Work Experience

Brad is a public defender in downtown Manhattan. He has worked with many clients as an LSAT tutor and law school admissions counselor. Brad previously worked as a copy editor for Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

A little more in-depth:

What I like most about being a Stratus Law School Admissions Counselor:

I take a lot of satisfaction from helping people communicate their stories at important moments in their lives, whether in a criminal case or a law school application. I like helping people move their law school applications beyond the realm of mere numbers and highlight what makes them a great candidate as a human being. I have a writing background, so I always enjoy taking a piece of writing and trying to make it better.

One piece of advice I would share with someone who is applying to law school:

I tell clients that their law school application is essentially a story about them, and the story doesn’t simply begin and end with LSAT and GPA numbers. Applicants have so much more to offer schools than just those two numbers. I advise my clients to think about what they really want admissions workers to know about them and make sure those things are emphasized.

Highlight or greatest accomplishment while working with Stratus:

Anytime a student I’ve worked with secures admission to a quality school, I consider that a great accomplishment. I’ve worked with many students who felt their GPA and/or LSAT score would prohibit them from going to law school, and I take a lot of pride in helping those students achieve their goal. I really enjoyed law school and I got a lot out of it, so I’m very happy to be helping others have the same opportunity.

3 Random Facts:

– In college, I took up piano and had a small part in a stage play.
– I didn’t eat an avocado until I was in my 20s.
– Between college and graduate school, I sold knives and other assorted kitchen items.