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Do I Take a Gap Year Before Law School? What to Consider When Deciding If You Should Take a Year Off

Applicants often ask me if they should take a year off after college and before they attend law school. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Increasingly, however, many top law schools seem to be in favor of taking some time away from academics before pursuing a law degree. Among Yale’s Class of 2020, 38% are 1-2… View Article

7 Suggestions for Summer Law School Internship Opportunities

The summer before you apply to law school is a great opportunity to gain relevant professional experience. If you are serious about applying to law school, use this summer to demonstrate the qualities law school admissions committees will be looking for: a strong work ethic; excellent research and writing; creativity; and initiative. Nurturing relationships with… View Article

When to Include an Addendum on Your Law School Application

 by Daniel Waldman, Stratus Admissions Counseling Originally published as an expert guest post on Manhattan Prep Typically, law school applicants focus their efforts on writing appealing personal statements and diversity statements—and rightfully so: those are the most important parts of the application. Many candidates, however, neglect the invaluable opportunity extended to them by law schools… View Article

6 Ways to Nail Your Law School Admissions Interview

by Daniel Waldman, Stratus Admissions Counseling Originally published as an expert guest post on Manhattan Prep You’ve just scored a law school admissions interview with that one law school that sits on top of your list! Congratulations! Now, how do you nail that interview? Here are six tips: 1. Be Prepared What you’re facing is… View Article

Tips on Writing a Great Law School Application Addendum

You have numerous opportunities to share your experiences in your law school applications through the personal statement, diversity statement, and short answer responses. However, you may need to explain irregularities or discrepancies in your application, too. An addendum can address potential red flags. Typically, addenda are short, objective paragraphs that respectfully ask the admissions committee… View Article

How to Craft a Law School Resume – Some Key Considerations

The truth is that there is no standard law school resume. Resumes differ in terms of style and substance. Express your creativity and unique history, while keeping the following considerations in mind: Four Main Categories of a Law School Resume Education Because law school is an academic undertaking, your education should be the first section…. View Article

Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Applying to Law School

This was originally published as an expert guest post on TippingtheScales. Since elementary school, people have told you that you would make a good lawyer. Or maybe you are in your senior year in college and, for the first time, are considering a career in law. If either of these scenarios sound familiar, now is… View Article

How Law Schools Evaluate Multiple LSAT Scores

This was originally published as an expert guest post on the Manhattan Prep Blog You’ve just received your LSAT scores. Perhaps you’re happy with your results after having taken the test multiple times, or you are not thrilled with your initial score and are considering a retake. How law schools assess multiple LSAT scores varies…. View Article

Intellectual Property: Choosing The Right Law School

The rising popularity of Intellectual Property (“IP”) Law comes as no surprise given its pertinence in the modern world: protecting people and companies’ most valuable assets – their ideas and creations. IP law encompasses a number of fields so before jumping in or declaring your commitment in your law school applications, be sure to get… View Article