Daniel Coogan

Director of Law School Counseling Services

J.D., New York University School of Law

B.A., Bowdoin College

Academic Background

Daniel Coogan is a graduate of the New York University School of Law and Bowdoin College. At Bowdoin, he majored in philosophy and German and minored in ancient Greek, focusing primarily on formal logic and the philosophy of Plato and Nietzsche. Dan was a recipient of the Old Broad Bay Prize for Reading German and was a Sarah and James Bowdoin Scholar. After graduating from Bowdoin, Dan spent a year teaching English in Hamburg, Germany as a Fulbright scholar. At NYU, Dan was an articles editor for the Journal of Law and Business and did extensive coursework in corporate and partnership taxation and tax policy.

Work Experience

After preparing for the LSAT and applying to law school with the help of Stratus, Dan tutored Stratus clients on the LSAT and GMAT before and during law school. After law school, Dan was a tax attorney at a major corporate law firm before rejoining Stratus in his current capacity. Dan has advised dozens of applicants over the past several admissions cycles at Stratus.

A little more in-depth:

What I like most about being a Stratus Law School Admissions Counselor:

Admissions counseling enables me to work with clients with fascinating backgrounds and accomplishments. Each client gives me a glimpse into a new aspect of the world, and helping clients find these unique qualities and incorporate them into their law school applications is very rewarding.

One piece of advice I would share with someone who is applying to law school:

I advise clients to think broadly about the application process by considering the entirety of who they are and what they will contribute to a law school class and, eventually, the legal profession. Often the most powerful aspects of an application are those that fall outside of what most people consider traditional qualifications for law school.

Highlight or greatest accomplishment while working with Stratus:

My greatest accomplishment as an admissions counselor came under difficult circumstances: a client came to me in mid-March, starting from scratch on his applications for admission that fall. Despite a 2.83 undergraduate GPA, a 158 LSAT score, and starting so late in the process, we worked together on a short time frame to create a compelling set of applications based on his experiences as a first-generation Pakistani immigrant that gained him admission to a top-50 law school. After a successful 1L year, we worked together on his transfer admissions package, and he gained admission to both Georgetown and Cornell. Being able to see him through both 1L and transfer admissions, and ultimately helping him gain admission to a top-14 law school, continues to be a great source of pride and satisfaction for me.

3 Random Facts:

– I am an avid practitioner of Iyengar Yoga, and I spend at least one hour practicing every day.
– I do the New York Times crossword puzzle every morning…in ballpoint pen.
– From ages nine to fourteen, I was a paperboy, delivering the Boston Globe, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal to about 20 subscribers in my neighborhood. I was out the door by 6:30 every morning, 365 days per year.