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Learn how Stratus’ “We’re All In” team approach gets you into your top choice law school.

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Learn How Stratus’s Team Approach Gets You Into Your Top Choice Law School

“We’re All In” are words that define our approach to law school admissions. They ensure we’re all working together in your best interest to get you into your top-choice school. When you team up with Stratus, you have a team of experts at your side to guide you through every phase of the admissions process.

To see how our team approach can help you, schedule a free consultation with a law school admissions specialist. This is an opportunity for us to explore your background and start to help you cultivate a plan of action to get you into your top-choice law school. Use the nearby form to schedule a free consultation with an admissions specialist.

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The Stratus Team Approach

With Stratus Admissions Counseling, you don’t just work closely with an experienced admissions consultant to optimize every part of your law school application.

You work with an entire team of law school admissions specialists who provide extensive feedback throughout the process.

From crafting your essays to conducting mock interviews, this team-based approach ensures that you stand out and get accepted into your dream law school.


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Six Steps in the Stratus Admissions Counseling Process

In order to maximize the probability that you will be admitted to your dream law school, our talented and experienced admissions consultants will guide you through every step of the law school admissions process.

School Selection
Personal Statement
Essays, Reviews, & Proofreading
Interview Preparation
Post-submission Guidance

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